I used to view BDSM as the majority of people being quite far from it does: some terrible harness, rough and sloppy clothes, nazi caps. The word «fetish», if you ask a random person, scares right away, because they think it’s filled with shame, vulgarity and even terror. Fetish to me is something beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. It’s the classic pumps shoes on a neat and marvelous leg of a woman. It’s the tight stockings that slightly fold at the knee and an ankle to merely finish the unique composition of women’s legs divinity. Fetish is a religion. Religion of the truest worship.

I was born in Belarus the moment the Soviet Union was collapsing. That sealed his formation as an artist and his personality.

There was no sex in the USSR. Now in Belarus there is no sex either. In such environment of constant suppression of sexuality I was raised as he was getting older and becoming mature. However, since the age of 5 I had some crystal clear inclinations. Those were passion for physical restraint and love for elegant women’s legs.

Whatever happened during his whole life, those two things were always following me. However, it was only until 28 that the me the fetishist started to recognize myself as one. He was constantly living under some kind of fear, ashamed of his desires and needs, only from time to time letting his passion out through drawing and designing BDSM and fetish devices. But such powerful need and passion couldn’t have been stopped. Or cured. Or hidden. This is a part of myself.

In 2017 I opens an online sex shop. It was the my first contact with the real manifestations of art. At the same time the artist gets familiar with such brands as “Fetters”. I takes inspiration in the openness of famous fetishists: That’s when I launches a fetish marketplace FetishManiac for people like him. And finally, in the beginning of 2020, I creates my very own collection of Fetish Furniture, dedicated to beauty and elegance of women’s legs...